Welcome to our new blog, turning lemons into lemonade.

We are excited to embark on this new project, and hope you will find it to be a great resource for the questions we face every day in our business.

As we start our week we are often thrown into the chaos of a to-do list that is too long. Immediately we are hit with the realization that there just aren’t enough hours in the day for all the tasks we need to accomplish.

But as odd as it may sound, our daily to-do list will become clearer if we can view it through the lens of our ultimate goal.

When was the last time we focused on our goal for our business? Last year? Never? This answer may surprise you.

In these discussions I like to use the example of a lemonade stand.

An eleven-year-old boy named Kenny who is selling lemonade on a Saturday to make a little extra money. It would be easy to discount this as anything more than a kid with free time on a Saturday. Free time we as business owners never seem to find!

But even Kenny has a why. What is the reason he has made the decision to spend his Saturday sweating behind the lemonade stand instead of at the park with his friends? We know first-hand the challenges he will face each day. So why does he do it? Is he saving money for a new toy? A new piece of clothing? Or a gift for his sister?

Whatever the reason, this why is driving his business decisions. This why explains how he prioritizes his to-do list, and even how hard he will work each Saturday.

If his why is earning $20, his decision on how many lemons to buy, or if he should hire an employee, or even if he should make a new sign and attract new customers will be different than if his why is a new game for his Xbox that costs $100.

As we get older, and our business grows, our why’s will change and evolve. But their impact on our decisions remains the same.

Is our why to earn a set amount of money each month? Or is it to sell the business in 5-years for $500,000? Or is it bigger than that? Whatever our goal, we can move in a direction closer to that goal each day we make our way down the to-do list.

I challenge all of you out there sweating behind your own lemonade stands to take a moment today to acknowledge your why. What is the reason you are standing behind your lemonade stand instead of at the park with your friends?

The key is not to stay fixed on one why, but to acknowledge the why’s as they evolve, and to make sure that your daily decisions are in line with your most recent why. Just like Kenny, if he is buying lemons for a why of $100 when he only wants $20, he may end up making a mistake. But each time he stops to acknowledge his why, the easier it will be to make the daily decisions necessary to reach his goal.

Just as the motivator Zig Ziglar once said, ‘you can’t hit a target you don’t see.’

So let’s embrace our why, and make it part of our daily to-do list today!

The Largo Group takes the time to understand our client’s why. From there we offer an innovative approach to accounting and taxes.

Contact us today for a free consultation on the many benefits of using the Largo Group.

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